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A new home for New Pathways’ services in Gwent

Posted on June 25, 2019 by New Pathways. Uncategorized


We are delighted to announce that Rothbury House will become our new centre to support clients in Gwent.

New Pathways has purchased Rothbury House, a Grade II listed building in Stow Park Circle, in Newport. The building, built in 1882, has been empty for 13 years and will need a considerable amount of repair and restorative work completed on it but it is structurally sound and its potential to provide our clients with first class facilities is clear.

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The initial work will involve ensuring Rothbury House is watertight and secure. Then we can turn our attention to developing the best possible facilities for our clients. This will include a training room and a suite of counselling rooms as well as group work facilities and office space.

Rothbury House is in an ideal location. It is easy to get to, on good public transport routes but also quiet and safe. Jackie Stamp, New Pathways’ Chief Executive Officer is positive about the challenges and opportunities that Rothbury House presents, saying ‘With a sympathetic touch we can bring Rothbury House back to life as the fantastic venue it once was.’

We look forward to bringing you updates about the development work and the new opportunities for our clients in Gwent.