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Mental Health ISVA

Posted on May 19, 2020 by New Pathways. Uncategorized

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

This is the perfect time to advertise that we have a new position here at New Pathways, for an Independent Sexual Violence Advocate to join our existing team, and take on a specific role of Mental Health, in our Gwent region.

More evidence has come to light in recent years of how closely linked trauma and mental health are, and we want to support sexual violence survivors in the best way possible, and meet all of their needs. Therefore, we are looking for someone who can join our strong ISVA team and be the single point of contact on mental health. We’d love someone who can bring knowledge of, and experience in, mental health services and support to the role, and provide best practice to our growing services. We are also looking to continue to improve our connections and partnerships with mental health organisations, and have a mental health champion in our ISVA team to lead in this area.

If you feel this role would suit you, or someone you know, please find more information here: http://www.newpathways.org.uk/jobs/ or contact jobs@newpathways.org.uk for an application pack.