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A Musical Track for New Pathways

Posted on November 6, 2020 by New Pathways. Uncategorized

“This single is to raise awareness of the support on offer and if it saves one more life or gets one more person the help they need, then that’s the goal.”

One of our talented clients, known musically as D.E.B.T, is using his singing voice and mixing skills to release a musical track to raise awareness of New Pathways.

As a survivor of sexual violence, D.E.B.T struggled with the affects of trauma for many years without support, after he was given false information that he was not able to seek help unless he had gone through the police reporting system. “My mental health deteriorated, and I was in a very dark place. If I had not found support from New Pathways at that time, I don’t think I would be here, and this single wouldn’t be happening. New Pathways saved my life.”

Over the lockdown period, D.E.B.T invested in some recording and mixing equipment to hone his talents. “It was originally a self-care activity during lockdown, but I soon realised my singing voice could be used to help other people like me and to raise awareness, and perhaps some money, for an incredible charity. The more people that see and hear this track, the more people will be aware that they do not need to go to the police before they can get help. I don’t want other people to struggle for as long as I did before they reach out.”

The key message that he wants to get across is that services are available if you’re affected by rape and sexual abuse, and there are options, even if you do not want to report to the police. “My ISVA Sam at New Pathways has been incredible, and she has fought for me and advocated on my behalf. With her help, I made sure I was in a better mental place and I was stronger before I decided to report to the police. Sam, alongside the counsellors and the other members of staff at New Pathways, saved my life and helped me onto a path where I can look into the mirror and recognise myself again. This single is to raise awareness of the support on offer and if it saves one more life or gets one more person the help they need, then that’s the goal.”

To raise awareness that services are out there, and to hopefully raise some money, D.E.B.T’s version of Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell will be available to stream and download on 11th November.

thumbnail_Big Yellow Taxi Artwork

We are asking you to please stream, download and share to raise awareness! The more streams, downloads and plays it gets, the more awareness will be raised. We are very grateful that D.E.B.T is using his talents to support us, and we’d be really grateful if you could support him.

In the run up to release day, you can hear a clip of the track here: https://debt.hearnow.com/big-yellow-taxi; and you can presave the track for your Spotify playlist here: https://show.co/Nwa2Bjy. The track will be available on all major music streaming and download platforms from 11th November.


If you have been affected by sexual violence and you need support, or you would like to find out more information about our services, please contact us by phone (01685 379310), email: enquiries@newpathways.org.uk, or contact us via our website or social media.