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New Pathways

L.I.B.E.R.A.T.E. (Human Trafficking)




Our mission is to initiate breakthroughs in the way human trafficking is perceived in the UK, exposing its hidden nature and campaigning for improvements to policy. We strive to inspire hope and make lasting improvements to the lives of survivors through advocacy and support.

The L.I.B.E.R.A.T.E project has supported over 60 women and men between March 2014 and April 2015.


We offer a free, client led, holistic service, including:


We are an NRM First Responder – what does this mean?

The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) is a framework for identifying victims of human trafficking and ensuring they receive appropriate care. A range of agencies may be involved in a trafficking case such as the police, the UK Border Agency


(UKBA), local authorities and non-governmental organisations such as charities. The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) makes it easier for these agencies to co-operate, share information and facilitate access to advice, accommodation and support. What is a first responder? All agencies and organisations who find themselves with grounds for concern that an adult or child may be a victim of human trafficking have a responsibility for ensuring the safeguarding needs of the child are assessed and addressed and for reporting their trafficking concerns to a first responder. First responders are the agencies who will refer the adult or child onto the National Referral Mechanism.


The priority is to ensure the protection needs of any adult or child identified as a potential victim of trafficking have been assessed and addressed. The first responder will make a referral to the local authority children’s or adult services so they are aware of the individual and can put in place any necessary safeguarding measures. Once safeguarding processes have been initiated, the first responder will refer the child or adult into the National Referral Mechanism using an NRM referral form from the Home Office. As much information as possible about the child /adult is recorded on this form to enable the competent authority to decide whether the child/adult has reasonable grounds for being treated as a victim of trafficking. Children do not need to consent to their referral but the child should be informed as to why a referral is being made, adults however must consent for the information being shared and if appropriate, and kept informed of decisions through their appointed representative.



To make a referral please complete a referral form and return to our Newport Office at: Maple Tree Centre, 20/21 High Street, Newport, NP20 1FW.

LIBERATE – Adult Referral Form

LIBERATE – Children’s Referral Form


Further resources

Please find some resources which may be of interest in the education of raising awareness of human trafficking. Please note some of the material may cause distress.


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New Pathways’ Modern Slavery Statement can be found Modern Slavery Statement