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New Pathways

Mid Wales RSC


Founded in 2012, as a subsidiary of New Pathways, with funding from the Ministry of Justice, and in partnership with The Survivors Trust. The Centre was created to meet the needs of victims of recent and historic sexual assault and rape, throughout the Mid Wales area, who may have found difficulties in accessing appropriate services previously.

Our Aims

Mid Wales Rape Support Centre is building on the foundations of good practice laid by both New Pathways and The Survivor’s Trust. Our aim is to provide an excellent service and develop innovative solutions which respond to the specific challenges presented by the geography and demography of Mid Wales. We will strive to provide the best possible services for people who have been affected by rape and sexual assault.


Canolfan Helygen,
46 Great Darkgate Street,
SY23 1DE

Phone: 01970 610 124

You can access the Mid Wales Rape Crisis Centre Website here: http://midwalesrsc.org.uk/