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Please note, all of our resources, self help and strategy books are owned @New Pathways Books. These resources are downloadable for individual use only, and you must credit the original source. Do not copy, edit, reproduce or distribute these resources, outside of personal use, without seeking permissions from New Pathways.

COVID-19 Resources:
The SURE for Mental Health team have put together some leaflets to help people who might be feeling heightened anxiety or isolation during social distancing and the uncertain time of COVID-19:

Self Care during COVID19

Information for anxiety and panic attacks

Boost your mental health during COVID19

Mindful colouring can be a calming technique for self-care during this period of social distancing, and we have our very own SURE for Mental Health Colouring Mandala for you to download to colour-in, created by one of our very creative ex-clients:

Project - Drawing 18193816981105928252

Children in Need have kindly provided us with a stay at home resource pack to keep children entertained:


Client Resources:

Developed by one of our therapists, we have a range of 7 resource booklets written to support people with some self-help strategies and techniques whilst dealing with the results of trauma. These resources have been successfully used alongside our Trauma Stabilisation Groups: Calming the Waves and Sea Change. These resources range from sleep strategies to managing flashbacks, to preparing for counselling.

Understanding Trauma – SEACHANGE_NEWPATHWAYS





Preparing for Counselling – SEACHANGE_NEWPATHWAYS


Resource for Self-Harm:

This booklet was written by one of our Art Psychotherapists and illustrated by a talented ex-client of New Pathways. We would like to give a massive thanks to her for her input and support.

This booklet offers some ideas that you may find useful as alternatives, reduction skills, distractions or ways to manage your self-harm. Some of these ideas may not work for you, and that is okay. You may find other ways that work better or you might adapt or change some of these ideas to make them more individual to you:

Self-calm booklet – NEWPATHWAYS

Self-Help Guide for Survivors of Sexual Violence:

This booklet was written by one of our Art Psychotherapists, and illustrated by another one of our talented ex-clients. We would like to give a massive thanks to her for her input and support.

***DISCLAIMER*** This booklet is for adult survivors of sexual abuse. Some of the content in this booklet might be distressing to read. Therefore, be mindful of your self-care when reading this. The reader must take responsibility for looking after their own wellbeing. This is also a very comprehensive guide, so you may want to read this in small sections rather than all at once, and take regular breaks. Please be aware that there are organisations that can help if you need to chat; if you are in distress please phone a Listening Line: HERE or a Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence helpline: HERE

Self-help booklet – NEWPATHWAYS

If you need any information please contact us by calling 01685 379 310 or email us at enquiries@newpathways.co.uk