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Bridge Over The River (poem)

Bridge Over The River (poem)

Date: 1 July 2022 | By: newpathway

This poem was written by a client after his therapy, reflecting on overcoming suicidal feelings.


I’m going down to the Bridge over the River


The Bridge has been for many years a place that I would go

It was not always for reasons of good

It was usually for me to find a way out

And to slip from this World to another place. 

For I suffer with Depression, it is sometimes called the Black Dog

But I look at it as though you are in a straight jacket 

And thrown in cement, it’s suffocating

It makes you want to burst out in tears

With all those pent up fears


I’m going down to the Bridge

A place I visit when the feeling falls

I gather my thoughts at that place

Collect all the bad, negative and oh so unhappy

Feelings of bad and feelings of sad

Those feelings like cement in your boots

Feelings of dread

Feelings you want to be dead


These feelings I collect and write them on a paper

They get folded to a Boat

Look at the Boat one last time

Rub your fingers up and down

For they are now sealed in

Then you launch it into the water passing below

It doesn’t matter if the flow is fast or slow

It will take that negative energy away and will grow

Into something new in another part of the World away from You. 


Wave to the boat now far away a secret bye

Containing feelings of rubbish or rubbish feelings

For now payback the bridge that has carried you this far

By turning and continuing your walk

Those thoughts now way gone and out to sea

Can be sealed in a café with coffee or tea.


Mark V.

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