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Quality Assurance For Our Work With Male Survivors

Quality Assurance For Our Work With Male Survivors

Date: 5 January 2023 | By: newpathway

We have some welcome news to start 2023 with. In late December, we achieved the Lime Culture Male Quality Standards accreditation for our counselling services. These standards were developed by Lime Culture and commissioned by the Male Survivors Partnership, to ensure that male victims and survivors have access to good quality, effective and safe services. In particular, recognising their gender-based needs.

We have always believed that specialist therapeutic services are needed for all genders. It is vital that men recognise that our services are here for them too.

“I am incredibly proud to achieve these standards and I want to say a massive thank you to all of the staff involved in the process. The assessors were very complimentary about our work and our approach; and that is down to our whole team. They said it was a joy to meet the talented, passionate and enthusiastic members of the counselling team. In particular, I want to acknowledge the work of Katryn, our Head of Corporate Services, for her organised and meticulous preparation for the submission.” - Jackie Stamp, CEO

You can find out more about the standards and what they mean here.

Find out more about the Male Survivors Partnership here.

Find out how to access our counselling services here.

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