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World Book Day – Win a free “Helping the Hare Who Hurts” Book!

World Book Day – Win a free “Helping the Hare Who Hurts” Book!

Date: 2 March 2023 | By: newpathway

Helping the Hare Who Hurts’ follows Hare’s journey to overcome bad dreams and anxiety. Forest creatures offer Hare lots of ideas to help, which they then practice. Helping the Hare who Hurts was written by one of our talented Art Psychotherapists, Lilith Gough. It guides children and their parents/carers through simple coping strategies and the effects of trauma in an age-appropriate way.

For World Book Day, we are giving away three free copies to three lucky people!

How can I win one, we hear you ask?

Head over to our social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and find our World Book Day post. Anyone who likes or comments on the post on that social media channel by Friday 10th March will have a chance to win. If you like AND comment you get two chances. If you do it across all three platforms, you get six chances! Offer ends 9am Monday 6th March 2023.

Buy a copy now

If you'd prefer to buy a copy, it costs £8.80 and is available from our shop.

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