``You helped my child to smile again.``

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We support children and young people from 3 - 18 years old

We have a dedicated team of children and young people’s counsellors, support workers and ISVAs (Independent Sexual Violence Support Workers), who work with people aged 3-18 years old.

If you are not sure if you, or the child or young person, has been affected by sexual violence, you can find out more about what sexual violence is here).

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Counselling for Children and Young People
Sea Change Psycho-educational Groups
ISVAs (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors) & Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs)
The Compass Project
How to refer a child or young person, or yourself
Our duty to keep children and young people safe

Testimonials from Children and Young People

“New Pathways has saved my boy, has brought him back to me. Has taught him how to smile again, has taught him that he can be happy again. His counsellor has been endlessly patient with him, and has shown him that there are people that care for him and will help him remember who he used to be before the abuse. I can only offer immense thanks and gratitude to all the staff at New Pathways who do such an amazing job under difficult circumstances. You all helped me to save my family after such a horrendous time. Words don’t really seem enough.”

Mother of a 10-year old male counselling & ISVA client

“I feel that having come here feeling very lost, alone, anxious and down, all my troubles have gone away. I feel as though I am able to deal with my thoughts & anxiety in a much better manner which over the weeks has really helped me improve my mood and mental state.”

17-year old female counselling client

“Counsellor was a ‘clown’ like my son which made him really easy to connect to. From the day that my son was abused we had a phone call from the ISVA team then family support and the counsellor got involved with my child. It was ALWAYS there no matter we needed as a family. Absolutely amazing service. Minecraft: AMAZING. He was so excited, he used to play on it every day, felt close to the counsellor, one of the best approaches to work with my son. He couldn’t connect verbally but he could do it through play and he [counsellor] could see the aspects of my son that were coming out in the game and work with them brilliantly”.

Mother of a 12-year old counselling client

“With the help of New Pathways I can lift up my head and say, it’s not my fault, I am a total survivor”.

22-year old female ISVA client

“You have helped our baby to be a little girl again, one who can laugh and cry and understand that it’s okay to feel things. We will be forever thankful for all the joy you have brought to her and we can never thank you enough”. 

Mother of a 7-year old counselling client

“I feel like a different person to how I was when I first came. My confidence has gone through the roof, everything is looking extremely positive. Me and my family are back on track”.

14-year old female counselling client

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If you, or someone you support, has been affected by sexual violence, please get in touch.

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