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Happily Ever After (poem)

Happily Ever After (poem)

Dyddiad: 1 Gorffennaf 2022 | Gan: newpathway

This client poem is about leaving an abusive relationship and fighting for freedom and for justice.


Happily Ever After

Put up your dukes, I want some answers from you

Why did you do it, How could your love not be true?

You said you loved me, then beat me black and blue

You had to control every little thing I do

You cheated but I get accused, judged by your standards

If I don’t leave now it’ll be the end of me

I’m certain one more fight will end my life

I’m ready to fight, fight you my way from my heart

Fight you by leaving and sending you to court

Fight you by keeping my kids far from your harm

I hold them close, faded scars on my arms

I’ve spent a lifetime unprotected by anyone

The job is worth doing, so I’ll do it myself

I’ll run from you forever if that’s what it takes

I’m not perfect I’ll make many mistakes

However hard it gets, it’s easier than being near you

You say I can’t do it, I won’t cope without you

Like your something special, oh please

Just watch me, I'll thrive far out of your reach

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