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Rising from the Ashes (art)

Rising from the Ashes (art)

Dyddiad: 1 Gorffennaf 2022 | Gan: newpathway

This set of art was created by a client during 12 sessions of art therapy.


Hope - this piece of art was the first one I created from the prompt of 'hope' to get my started.


Fear - the second prompt was 'fear' that came from a session discussing the violence and trauma I had experienced. This piece represents how I felt in the moment. A feeling of being frozen, small and shaky. As if the world was closing in.



My strength - this art was created to focus more on my strength and survival. I started to think about the storms I'd had in her life, and about my inner child. I recognised my strength.


Survival - this art came from trying to find the light in the darkness. It felt like a maze I could not see a way out of. Each week I placed myself where I felt I was each week, and my therapist noticed I was moving more and more to the outside as the therapy progressed and I saw a difference in myself.


Unconditional love - this art comes from looking at my childhood self and being kinder towards myself. I always felt like I needed to be useful and busy and to be helping others. I didn't want to be selfish. But I also wanted to be kinder to myself and love myself more. Art gave me the permission to take time to work on unconditional love.


Encouragement - this art is me talking to my inner child to encourage her to go out more, in a loving way. This picture is me as an adult helping my inner child to take a walk in the park. I noticed I was starting to talk to myself more kindly.


Embracing beauty - this art is about treating myself with kindness. I realised I needed to be more loving to myseld and to embrace and acknowledge my own kindness and beauty.


Rising from the ashes - I drew this for my final session. I felt that I was rising from the ashes, I was feeling more freedom, and embracing change. I noticed that the leaves looked like little hearts and at the centre of picture is warmth.



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