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From Victim to Survivor (poem)

From Victim to Survivor (poem)

Dyddiad: 15 Gorffennaf 2022 | Gan: newpathway

This client poem is about finding your voice and speaking out after sexual abuse.


Victim to survivor

No one listens to the punk arse loud girl who likes to cause trouble and be at the centre

She's difficult a bad influence, likes the attention, she breaks the rules leaving behind

A tornado of disorder so loud nobody wants to hear her, her voice doesn't count

Her life had changed with her body when she was her most vulnerable

Men and boys looked her differently they wanted new things from her

Things she had barely even begun to think about were thrust upon her

Her choices taken away, her voice stays silenced

She's grown now and still has things to say, noise to make

She has a voice now and is getting loud again

This time they will listen, they will finally hear

She was raped and abused by these men right here

She says their names and shows her face

Standing tall, making noise all over the place

From victim to survivor, now no one can hide her

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