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An Award for our Frontline Focus Event!

An Award for our Frontline Focus Event!

Dyddiad: 28 Hydref 2022 | Gan: newpathway
We are pleased to announce that the Frontline Focus Event we hosted in February this year has won an award! .


Last night at the Fundraising Everywhere Charity Virtual Awards, New Pathways won the award for Best Non-Fundraising Event. They recognised the wide reach of the event, and the massive impact this event can have for survivors when frontline workers are better equipped, more confident and more knowledgeable in supporting people affected by sexual violence.


In February 2022, for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness week, we hosted our first ever Frontline Focus event. This event was born out of feedback from partners, networks and our training attendees from sectors such as education, health and social services, both statutory and charitable. The event aimed to better inform frontline workers about services available to those affected by sexual violence, to better equip them to support people they work with who have been affected by sexual abuse, and to showcase some of the work that is being done in Wales to protect, prevent and support people affected by sexual violence.

We had over 800 front line workers in attendance at the event, and a range of speakers with lived experience including Winnie M Li, speakers working in the sexual violence sector, and speakers from sections of the police specialising in sexual offences. The sessions ranged from dealing with disclosures of sexual violence to working with male survivors of sexual violence to writing for trauma.

A screenshot of the online awards event, with Mike Wilkinson, Leigh Martin and Debbie Woodroffe facing the camera and collecting the award on behalf of New Pathways. Mike is delivering a speech. Joshua Leigh presented the award.

Mike Wilkinson, Leigh Martin and Debbie Woodroffe collecting the award on behalf of New Pathways. Joshua Leigh presented the Award.


Mike Wilkinson, Deputy CEO, was one of the attendees to receive the award, and compered the Frontline Focus event: "It was amazing that so many people joined our online event and contributed to making it a great success; and more importantly helped raise awareness of sexual violence. We are already planning the next one, so watch this space!"

Graphic announcing Winnie M Li as one of the speakers at the frontline focus event, with the description: Winnie is an award winning writer, and founder of Clear Lines, the UK's first festival addressing consent through the arts. With Winnie's website address:

Winnie M Li was one of the speakers at the event, talking about her experience of the justice process and of recovery after being raped.


Jennie Dowsell, Marketing and Communications Lead, event organiser: "Winning this award is amazing! I'm so very proud of everyone. All of the contributors were incredible, and the number of attendees and positive feedback we received solidified the need for this event moving forward. Front line workers are often the conduits for people affected by sexual violence to get the support they need, and it is important that they feel equipped, informed, and able to support and refer."

As part of winning this award, New Pathways was gifted with 1000 euros and a year's subscription to Fundraising Everywhere. The Awards were powered by Fundraising Everywhere, and Everywhere+.

We will be hosting our second Frontline Focus event in February 2023, so keep an eye on our website and our social media for more information.

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