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Merry Christmas from New Pathways

Merry Christmas from New Pathways

Dyddiad: 22 Rhagfyr 2022 | Gan: newpathway

Our counselling and support services will close from Friday 23rd December and return on Tuesday 3rd January.

However, there is support over the holiday period:

Referrals and queries: If you want to refer into our services, or you have a query, we are available via telephone. Staff will be answering calls during office hours over the holiday period (not including bank holidays). Please call: 01685 379310.

If an incident happens during the holidays: If you are a victim of rape or sexual assault over the Christmas period, our out of hours SARC phone line is open 24 hours, every day. This support is available in the hours and days immediately after an incident. Our Crisis Workers will make sure you have the right information and support, whether you choose to have police involvement or not. Please call 07423437020 (This service is not a helpline).


  • Live Fear Free: If you are worried about domestic abuse, coercive control or sexual violence, contact Live Fear Free. You can call the Live Fear Free helpline on 0808 80 10 800, or access them here: They have services in English and Welsh and are open 24/7.
  • CALL 24/7 Listening Line: If you are in crisis and need to talk to someone urgently, use the CALL 24/7 helpline. You can call them on 0800 132 737, or access them here: They have services in English and Welsh and are open 24/7.

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