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We hope you like our new look

We hope you like our new look

Dyddiad: 4 Gorffennaf 2023 | Gan: newpathway

This year we celebrate our 30th birthday and we felt that it was time for a change, a refresh, a reinvigoration! 

We hope you like our new look – we've worked hard to to ensure it captures our passion and dynamism, and conveys our openness and compassion.  

We have come a long way since 1993, when we first began as a volunteer helpline in Merthyr Tydfil. When we started, social media was in the distant future, there were fewer than 1000 websites in existence, and graphics were designed on large, beige computers! In 2023, we live in a digital age where everyone is connected, we can shape conversations from our handheld phones, and we have over 10,000 people accessing our services in a single year. 

We want to grow to fully meet the needs of our communities, and will continue to stay true to our core aims and mission, and our roots. We will continue to push forward in strengthening and adapting our services until everyone affected by sexual violence gets access to the support they need; and until everyone is aware of, responsive to, and able to prevent, sexual violence. 


We’d like to talk through what this new look means to us.  


The tree is an incredibly important symbol for New Pathways. People associate our tree with new beginnings, with growth, strength, stability, and possibility, and with our name New Pathways. New pathways in the brain after trauma, new pathways in life after recovery. 

We have simplified, emboldened, and modernised our tree. The fluid, singular pathway of our new tree represents a non-linear journey, one that creates something beautiful. The addition of the birds adds a sense of freedom, of possibility, of hope – of ‘beyond.’ 

Our tree and new font unite as one, individual parts of a whole, and visually represent the pathways of our name. 


Green is growth. Green is grounding. Green is nourishing. It was important for us to remain green at our core. Our new palette is modern, welcoming, and calming. 

We’ve added some splashes! You’ll notice blue, purple and orange amongst our new looks. These colours are fresh, bold, and uplifting. They represent the range of people in our communities, the range of services we offer; and we think they look great! 


A pathway is “a path which you can walk along or a route which you can take.” It is also “a particular course of action or a way of achieving something.”  

Each pathway is individual. Each pathway is a journey, a story, a human life. We have pathways threaded throughout our brand, we want to encourage that first step, and assure survivors that they have the option to walk with us. 


Life beyond sexual violence. 

To be a victim of sexual violence is to be silenced – by stigma, by victim blaming, by unwarranted shame. We envisage a life beyond sexual violence for everyone. Where we can talk about sexual violence without stigma, where every person affected by sexual violence feels they can access support, and where everyone acts to prevent sexual violence. 

If you need support after sexual violence, we want you to have that pathway to us, no matter who you are.  

We need to raise awareness, improve responses, and change mindsets. To work towards ‘life beyond sexual violence.’ 

We hope you’ll stick with us and embrace our new look. We know that change can be off-putting and scary. But we are the same New Pathways we have always been, and we believe this brand ‘refresh’ truly represents us. 

We are here for you, we will believe you, you are not alone. 


“Brand refresh: when a brand modernises its image while maintaining its core identity and strategy.” 

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