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Meet Tanya

Meet Tanya

Dyddiad: 8 Tachwedd 2023 | Gan: newpathway

Tanya became a trustee after attending a Board Meeting as an observer and has been our committed treasurer ever since. She brings a range of knowledge and experience to the board, and makes everyone from colleagues to clients feel heard and listened to. To celebrate Trustees Week, we've asked Tanya about her trusteeship, what she enjoys about the role and where she would like to see New Pathways in the future.


What made you want to be a Trustee for New Pathways?

“I heard about New Pathways from a colleague who was already a Trustee. I was invited to attend a Board Meeting as an observer, and I also spent some time with Sarah Thomas, Head of Sexual Assault Services. Sarah explained more about the amazing work that they do and the difference they make to others. From that moment, New Pathways got under my skin and wrapped itself around my heart. The work they do is phenomenal. They are a lifeline for many survivors and family members that have been impacted by sexual violence. I was struck by their passion to achieve a world without sexual violence - this is something that is in their DNA, they deeply care about this. It was not just their passion that impressed me but the standards and professionalism by which they hold themselves accountable. I am humbled and privileged to be a Trustee with New Pathways and make a small contribution to this amazing company”.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

“Being a part of New Pathways has taught me so much and I have enjoyed working alongside other Trustees who have a range of backgrounds and wealth of knowledge which has helped to grow and educate me. We are not a Board that sits back away from the frontline, we engage with the staff at New Pathways, and I thoroughly enjoy working with and spending time with the staff. From time to time, we hear from clients who have used our service – this is always a very moving and emotional experience but is so important as it brings to light why we do what we do and how we do positively impact on others. 


What do you hope to see for New Pathways in the future?

I would obviously like to see more funding made available with more security, so we are not having to retender every few years to maintain vital services. New Pathways does such an amazing job and we could do so much more but are reliant on funding – to be able to give staff more security and to have those additional resources to bring our waiting lists down would be an amazing place to be in the future”.

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