``I have learnt to manage my triggers. I feel like me again.``

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Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing Service

Our Wellbeing Service offers 1:2:1 support with a trained sexual violence support worker. This support might be an alternative to counselling, or might help as part of preparation for counselling.

It is a non-disclosure service offering:

  • a short pre-counselling service that prepares for, and helps clients to get the most out of, counselling
  • a longer, in-depth support package that is an alternative to counselling and can help clients deal with a wide variety of issues they may be experiencing.

We also offer practical support, such as with housing or disability claims, and contacting people on your behalf, such health professionals.

Throughout the year, we also offer psycho-educational groups for young people and adults, called Calming the Waves and Sea Change. See more below.

If you are not sure if what happened to you was sexual violence, you can find out more about what it is here.

We are open to everyone, of all ages, genders, social backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, religions and beliefs, disabilities and sexual orientations.

Some people are not aware that sexual violence services can support men or non-binary people, but our services are for everyone.

How do I access the Wellbeing Service?
What does non-disclosure mean?
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Can I get both the Counselling and Wellbeing Services?
Calming the Waves and Sea Change Groups

Specialist Sexual Violence Counselling Services

Counselling Services

We have worked within the sexual violence sector since 1993, and are highly experienced in working with sexual trauma. All our counsellors are qualified and registered, have experience of working with trauma, and receive additional training on working with sexual violence. We offer counselling for adults and children aged 3 years and up. For children’s services, please click here.
Counselling sessions are typically weekly, at the same time, for an hour each week. We can offer appointments at a variety of times, including evenings and weekends. We offer counselling face to face and via telephone or video call (skype, zoom, MS Teams, WhatsApp etc). Face to face counselling is available at our venues across South, West and Mid-Wales (you can find out where our offices are here).

Our counselling service has proved to be highly effective and beneficial for recovery from sexual trauma. Everyone has individual needs and problems to overcome, however some of the common issues that we regularly help people with are:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Guilt & shame
  • Anxiety & fear
  • Symptoms of PTSD (such as flashbacks, disassociation, nightmares etc)
  • Depression
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • Anger

We are open to everyone, of all ages, genders, social backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, religions and beliefs, disabilities and sexual orientations.

Some people are not aware that sexual violence services can support men or non-binary people, but our services are for everyone.

If you are a male or non-binary victim of rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse you can access exactly the same level of service and support from New Pathways and we would encourage you to speak to us.

What is Counselling?
How do I access the Counselling Service?
How many counselling sessions do you offer?
What qualifications do your counsellors have?

If you have been affected by sexual violence, we are here for you.

Counselling Service Testimonials

‘I can now talk to my mum-I couldn’t do that before. And I now feel that I’m an okay person. I look into my soothing box and breathe and breathe and breathe!’… ‘I couldn’t talk to mam or dad before but then I could and that feels better, not so on my own- less lonely-like you said really’. Thank you for helping me all the way through’.
“I feel for the first time in my life I have come to terms with things that happened in my childhood and finally realised that none of it was my fault! I never thought I would get there but I have”!
‘Just wanted to say a massive thank you again for being my counsellor and bringing me back to life! I genuinely have no idea where I would be right now if it wasn’t for your kindness, empathy and support.You have changed my life and made me realise my value and worth’!
‘Counselling was a safe space where I could talk about difficult things. In the sessions I was encouraged to connect with my emotions and understand them. It was done in a gentle way and reassuring way. Even on the phone and in my own home, I was able to explore my thoughts and emotions without fear’.
‘It has helped me to make sense of the abuse I suffered as a child and learn that it wasn’t my fault. My self-esteem and self-worth have improved my confidence has grown. I have learned coping strategies to help manage any symptoms that still affect me’.
‘Being shown that I could write letters to my inner child has been the most helpful thing. Work with my younger self has allowed me to connect with her and I don’t blame myself anymore. It’s been useful to work back on the past and has enabled me to move on’.

Wellbeing Service Testimonials

‘It has made me understand things in a better way. I have stopped trying to fix things/people I can’t fix. I don’t accept abusive relationships anymore. I am able to cope with things better. I have learnt no one is going to judge me if I ask for support. I feel in control of my life’.
‘Thank you so much for all your help, hard work and amazing advice! Without you I would still be in the same position I was a few months ago. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your support over the past couple of months. I will always be so grateful for what you have done to help me, you are absolutely amazing!’
‘I have started to see things in a new perspective and feel more empowered. I have started to become aware that certain things in relationships aren’t right. My support worker was a really nice person and seemed really down to earth, relatable and knowledgeable’.
‘Feels like I’ve been on a training session ready for what’s to come, I now feel prepared for counselling and ready to do the work on myself. Never had this opportunity before and never felt the benefit of counselling before, now I feel prepared and feel so grateful. I’ve felt that I’ve re-trained my mind to get in the mindset for counselling. Learned to stick by my boundaries, felt able to walk away from conflict, felt able to protect myself now. My personal experience has been excellent. I am very grateful for the organisation’s support and work for people, wasn’t aware the organisation existed before now and think it does great work’.
‘I feel less embarrassed about what happened to me and less shameful about what happened to me from the support. Grounding was helpful, anger resource was very informative to know it’s ok to be angry sometimes, some helpful strategies provided that I want to try’.
‘Helped me a lot because I had help with getting in touch with agencies to support me with housing and mental health, it’s brilliant that I now have a Platfform support worker as a result, it was good to talk about things I’ve struggled with and get resources about flashbacks. Got more friends now because I felt able to join a sports team which I didn’t feel able to before. Had all the support I needed, really grateful for the support’.

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