Helping The Hare Who Hurts – Trauma Healing Book for Children

Helping The Hare Who Hurts – Trauma Healing Book for Children

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One of the most important, albeit difficult, tasks for any adult or child who has survived bad things is to realize and know for sure when that or those are over.

That is the challenge faced by Hare in this enchanting and beautifully illustrated little volume, written and painted by Welsh art psychotherapist, Lilith Gough.

During a day’s journey through the watercolor landscape of Hare‘s woodland neighborhood, Hare meets a series of animal friends. Each one teaches Hare an important skill to help Hare be calmer and recognize that Hare’s life now is safe. Along the way, Hare learns the importance of resources, increasing muscle tone, and dual awareness – all important stabilizing tools for any survivor.

As Hare practices each of the skills, the reader is gently invited to try them too. Following the story, a section on Further Skills reinforces what has already been learned and adds to the reader’s own tool kit.

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